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Cold Magic: Spiritwalker: Book One

Cold Magic - Kate Elliott A word of warning - this is a set-the-stage book. There is a lot of world-building in this one, a lot of history. If you are used to the pace of most UF, YA or PNR books, then be warned, you will be doing more reading to get to the action than you might be used to. That said, I really enjoyed learning about this world and its history. It drew me in at the start and I'm looking forward to book 2. The main character was believable and it was very easy to root for Cat as she took on everything that was thrown her way. She was not portrayed as "Supergirl." She does have many talents, but she also is not indestructible. She doesn't fly into danger without thinking, but is willing to take risks when she has to. Her relationship with her cousin Bea was a highlight. There is some romance, but it doesn't take center stage. I enjoyed the wide cast of characters, and look forward to how they will all come together in the next book. I've seen this book grouped with steampunk, but other than an airship and a reimagined history of industrial age Europe, I don't know that I would group it there. Perhaps I'll get more of a steampunk feel from the next book.