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Magic Slays (Kate Daniels Series #5)

Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews I got it, read it in one day and loved every minute of it. I'm going to start with the notes I jotted down right after I finished: 1. This series does not disappoint. There is a (BIG) problem to solve, but also quite a few things were set up for future encounters in later books. 2. Several "Holy Crap" moments, but fans will not be throwing their books at the wall. [And the end - what a tease! Not a cliffhanger at all, but I am already wanting book 6.] 3. Get quite a bit more info on Kate's family. Some I'd guessed, but not all. 4. Jaded as I am, Andrews continues to surprise me. Quite a few things I did not see coming. 5. Can't wait to see the consequences from this book's events. 6. Reading the Curran POVs Vol 2 (Fathers and Sons) before reading this book is a good idea - not necessary, you won't be lost, but it definitely made some scenes even more enjoyable. 7. Kate is still screwed up, but she's learning, and I loved all of her interactions w/Curran. READ THIS BOOK I like that last part. You really should read this book. Yes, there were some absences in the cast of characters, but we've come to know so many through this series, it's understandable that they can't all have a big part to play (other than Kate and Curran, of course). I would have loved more Jim, but considering he and Dali have their own story in Hexed, I am appeased. I love seeing how far Kate has come. She started out as a loner, now she has more people to care for than she ever imagined. I really enjoy reading about the relationships Kate has forged, and how she is making alliances with those who stand to lose if Roland comes to Atlanta. The other side of that is now she has people she loves, and she stands to lose more than just her life. There is a very real sense of danger throughout this book, and throughout the series. In Magic Bleeds, we learned more about Kate's father's side of the family. This time she learns about her mother. It's a shock for Kate, although I'd had suspicions for awhile. Kate knows what Voron told her, and we see everything through Kate. A good example of how to use first person POV to great effect. The trademark Ilona Andrews humor is in full effect. So many wonderful quotes, one-liners, quips, snark - I love it all. I also love the little touches, like the inclusion of bits of The Princess Bride. Every time someone (okay, Curran) says "As you wish" there goes another squee. Once again READ THIS BOOK.