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Grave Dance (Alex Craft, #2) - Kalayna Price I love this series. It makes me happy - in an "I just sat down to read the first chapter and now I'm halfway done" kind of way. These books just suck me in.I like the world. I like how events in book 1 have triggered problems that are in book 2, and while we do get a resolution to the issue at hand (no cliffhangers here), there is still enough questions to fill quite a few books, actually. The bonus is I never felt like I was being jerked around, either. It can be difficult to balance that when you have a complex mythology/world.As far as romance goes, it is here, but is not the focus of the story. Also, given what she learned at the end of book 1, Alex has lots of romance issues. Yes there is a triangle, but before you groan and throw up your hands, I have to say that it's well done. The relationships are murky to put it mildly, both have issues, and I really feel for Alex having to wade through it. It didn't at any time make me want to pull my hair out (and I've read lots of stories with triangles).Really looking forward to book 3.