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Prince of Air and Darkness - Jenna Black Good, quick paranormal romance with a couple of fight scenes (although I wouldn't call it battle-heavy at all). This one deals with the Unseelie and Seelie courts of the Fae and I'm also happy to say that it's one that doesn't feed into the immortality fantasy. Too often you only see the "I'll be young forever!" side, but there is another side, the side where you have to give up your humanity, that I think is glossed over. Not here.Hunter is the half-mortal son of the Queen of Air and Darkness, the Unseelie queen. He has been tortured his whole life, hating his mother and fearing her cruelty. She has a new assignment for him - he needs to impregnate the unsuspecting mortal daughter of the Seelie King, as the child will have both bloodlines and she can use him/her to start a war to take over Faerie.Kiera thinks her mother is nuts for her stories of being impregnated by the Seelie King. While it was a little frustrating at times to see Kiera's logical human response (especially when as a reader you know that her mom is right), it was also very realistic. This isn't a book where the human lead finds out about the "truth" and then just rolls with it. Some convincing and freaking out has to happen first.Considering that Hunter starts out more or less as a villain, I was curious how Black would make him heroic, but she does (and no I won't tell you how). This isn't one of those they look at each other across a crowded coffee shop and the next page they've jumped in bed. It takes time to progress. Although, if you are one who needs some steam, it's here, just not on page 2.[received a copy of this book to review]