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Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadows #1) - Maria E. Schneider 3.5 StarsI enjoyed this one. It was a short, quick read, and it flowed very well. The main character is very likable - strong, capable, but not foolhardy. She has power of her own, but isn't out searching for trouble. She is definitely not a Mary Sue, nor is she a warrior woman. I liked the scientific method that was used to approach magic. Everything has a consequence, and to do anything (like fly/levitate) there are many things that need to be in balance. The villain is very bad. I wouldn't want to meet her. I also liked how the different threads tied together. It was a satisfying ending that left room for more. And that is what I wanted: more. My favorite part of books is the relationships between characters. Adriel starts out as a loner, so it takes a little while to get there. I did really like the supporting characters, especially Lynx. The first book always sets the stage, so I'm hoping that the next book can more fully explore these characters and how they work together. Disclaimer: I met the author on the forums and was given a review copy, but I can truthfully say that I would have been a satisfied customer if I had bought it.