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The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff I really loved reading The Replacement. It was dark: a town in denial about its missing children because it benefits from the sacrifice, changelings, dead girls walking, and the scary side of the fae. At the same time, it is also very hopeful - best shown through Mackie's sister, Emma, and his friends. Mackie was left in place of the real Malcolm, left to die, slowly poisoned by the iron around him. But he didn't die right away. His new family accepted him, kept him alive. As time goes on, even their care can't protect him, and he ends up needing the help of those who had left him for dead, and he finds they need him too. I really got into the whole mythology of the place. The world building was well done, and I liked the characters. The acceptance of Mackie by everyone else actually made sense when you realized how accepting and in denial the whole town was about everything. His own reticence to talk about his "differences" even among those who know, makes sense. Everything his whole life, and actually before he was even born, has been shrouded in secrets, in unspoken bonds of silence. Then you see what happens when they stop pretending. I enjoyed the entire ride, and will look for more from the author.