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Mob Rules - Cameron Haley This one was a very quick read, and kept my attention. I have to say that it does usually take at least 2 books to find out if I like a series - the first book is world building and not enough room for real character development (so I count the pace and whether or not I want to finish it higher than other things). I felt it was a good start, and I was starting to become invested in the characters. The main characters are gangsters, so they are working in a lot of gray areas. They didn't spend too much time on the illegal activities, which I think helps keep the heroine a good-ish person. There's a lot of room for more stories - it will be interesting to see where it goes. A lot happened to the main character, but not a lot of time was spent on how she deals with it. I'm hoping to get some of that in Book 2. My biggest complaint is that "juice" is used to describe magic - that's fine, but the first couple of pages mentioned "juice" so many times I really started to hate the word. Luckily, after that it was used at a reasonable rate and I could go back to enjoying the book. The romance is light and was at the right level for the story - its not a paranormal romance, nor is it trying to be.