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Magician's Ward - Patricia C. Wrede Another one that I just jammed through - forgoing sleep as needed. It was just a fun read, different from what I usually go for. It's also something that I could recommend to a 12 year old, someone my age, or my mom. No graphic violence, no sex. That doesn't mean there isn't any danger, but it's not a kick-ass warrior-type book.Kim is now the ward and apprentice of Mairelon, living in London and enduring her first season. It was nice to see that Kim hadn't changed, she might speak more eloquently, on occasion, but she is still the same person. I also appreciated Kim's take on the high society marriage mart. In book one, she dressed as a boy because her greatest fear was being forced into prostitution. In this book, when she is introduced to "polite society", she feels that marrying someone just because they have money is pretty much the same thing she had been running from in the first place. Of course, many people would say its not the same, but for the character, its 100% true, and living a year in society hasn't changed her.Mairelon's mother and aunt are involved, and there is another magical mystery, only this time it's Mairelon who is in danger.There's a very sweet and believable romance, too. Altogether a fun read.