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One for the Money - Jeaniene Frost This one is a 3.5 for me. I liked it, but there were just a couple that I loved.Charlaine Harris - Two Blondes: Not just a Sookie story, it's a Sookie & PAM story. I love Pam, which made me love this. Pam & Sookie have a "Girls Weekend" at the casinos in Mississippi, where they can gamble, see a show, and do just one little job for Eric. Cue danger. Fun story, over too quickly, one of my favorite Sookie shorts. Probably best enjoyed by fans of the series (and to be honest, if it wasn't for my love of one of the characters, I probably would be a little less enthusiastic about it).Sarah Smith - The Boys Go Fishing: what happens to an immortal superhero when the golden days of superheros are gone. Sad in many ways, but a light at the end of the tunnel.Jeaniene Frost - One for the Money: A Cat & Bones story set after the events in book 4. Really loved it. Cat & Bones need to guard an heiress with a contract out on her life. They also need to deal with Cat's mom. I'd never call Bones a saint, but his actions here are sure to bring squees of joy from fans. Justina is still coming to terms with being a vampire, and the way Bones gets around Justina's hatred of him to teach her how to defend herself against other vamps, without her knowing it, was just perfect. Not sure how I would feel about this one if I wasn't caught up on books 1-4.Daniel Stashtower - Meanwhile, Far Across the Caspian Sea: this one was odd, but still drew me in. About a guy who works for "LifeSpan books" and his dealings with a particular coworker. Lots of questions left unanswered, but it still worked for me. I need to go find out more about this author.A. Lee Martinez - The Innsmouth Nook: I think it needed more. Too short, although I did like the twist, I would have liked it more if there had been more to the story.Jeff Abbott - Safe and Sound: A "lawyer-turned-"journalist" exploits a family's search for their missing son for ratings gold. I wasn't surprised by anything here, but it was a satisfying story.L.A. Banks - Seeing is Believing: a young psychic heads to New Orleans to gather some supplies to fight off werewolves in the bayou, and finds what she's been missing. Really loved this one, probably my favorite out of the whole book. Liked the characters (it even has a scary, powerful-as-hell granny) and the interactions between the characters. Need to read more from this author.Katie MacAlister - The Perils of Effrijim: Part of the Aisling Grey series. I haven't read this series, so I'm feeling a little lost. It is the most light-hearted of the bunch, involving Jim.Christopher Golden - Thin Walls: An example of why when it seems like it's too good to be true, it probably is, especially when it's a superhot chick who promises to let you do whatever you want to her. Lilith Saintcrow - The Heart is Always Right: Thi one involves Gargoyles fighting the Big Bad. I liked it. You are just dropped into the world, and while I still have lots of questions, I never felt lost. Close second for my favorite story.Chris Grabentstein - The Demon in the Dunes: I was wondering where this one was going, and it was not what I expected at all. Good story.Sharan Newman - Home from America: A family reunion takes Pat and his family back to Ireland, and his "homeland" is not what he expected. This one was all right. I was a bit surprised at the ending.Toni L. P. Kelner - Pirate Dave's Haunted Amusement Park: I really liked this one. A newly made werewolf takes one last vacation by herself (before pledging to a pack), and goes back to the amusement park she loved as a kid. Fun story, light with a little action. Great way to end the anthology.