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The Iron Thorn - Caitlin Kittredge Fantastic start to a YA steampunk series.This is not a short book, but the pages flew by. I was sucked into the story and didn't want it to end. You are just thrown into the world - I like that. At the same time, I still felt like I got a good feel for the worldbuilding. I got enough glimpses of Lovecraft through Aoife's journey, but I never felt that I was being "told" what was going on. It was a wonderful experience to discover the truth alongside the characters.In Lovecraft, Reason and Science are law. Anyone claiming to be able to do magic is a heretic and is punished by the Proctors. Aoife is almost 16 - the same age her mother and brother went mad. She receives a message from her brother asking for help, and that sets her on an adventure where she will find truth, more questions, allies and enemies. It's bleak in places, hopeful in others.I really enjoyed the characters and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow together, as well as learning more about their backgrounds.There is some romance, but I thought it was well done, not overmuch, and still low on the angst scale.The end did feel a bit rushed, but because I was so into the story, and it was a point where the characters were rushed themselves, it fit and I was satisfied. This belongs with some of the darker YA books I've read lately. There is some violence, no sex. Can't wait for the next one.