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Starstruck - Cyn Balog 3.75 starsA YA romance with a paranormal element.I liked that this was the first book I've read with an overweight heroine where she doesn't have to lose weight or change herself to win the guy - she starts out the book already winning him just as she is. She just has to realize it. Gwendolyn, "Dough", is overweight, from the wrong side of the tracks, works in her mom's bakery (where it's easy to grab a white cream donut or 2 or more), has a stick-thin twig of a younger sister, lots of snark, and no friends other than her long distance boyfriend. She's known Wish forever, and now he's coming back to town, a gorgeous specimen of the male species. But maybe he's just a little too perfect. I found Gwen to be a believable heroine and enjoyed her coming into her own. There is a bit of a makeover part, where she starts wearing clothes that fit her and projecting confidence, but all of that is to benefit her - there's no "All of a sudden the gorgeous guy notices her" now that she looks different. The supernatural side was interesting (there are no sparkly vampires, and the magic system was pretty unique), but I wish it had been explored more. Also, there was an alarming lack of consequence for the users of the magic - bad stuff happened and they felt regret, but I think they got off too easy.