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Hexed - Kevin Hearne This series just makes me happy - I have a lot of fun reading it, it's funny, I like the characters, and there's lots of kick-butt action. In Hounded, Atticus had been living in secret, hiding from his enemies, barely attaching himself to humans (lots of defensive mechanisms here), but after 2000 years of running, he makes a stand, and book 2 starts with the consequences of his actions. He's spent a long time on the outside, keeping a low profile, but soon he's making deals, getting deeper in debt, and finding that several enemies escaped the showdown in book 1. He's also been banned from his favorite bar since he's taken on the lovely barmaid as his druid apprentice. (The horror!)A couple of new faces pop in and we get to know a few others better. I'm really getting into this world.Lots of action, lots of magic, and lots of events set in motion that will undoubtedly come back to bite Atticus later. And I can't wait to read all about it.