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Enclave - Ann Aguirre I won this in a Twitter contest sponsored by the author.4.5 stars. Dystopian YA (might I even call it sci fi?) with some romantic elements (but I wouldn't call it a romance per se).I finished this book quickly - I did not want to stop reading it.The story begins in a small community of people who live in tunnels underground. They've been told that the surface is a place of death, that they all must act for the good of the colony, and any infraction of the rules is met by the worst punishment - banishment into the tunnels. Population is tightly controlled and anyone with disabilities is put to death - only the strong survive. The eldest tribemember is 25 and looking like death is almost upon him, and due to high rates of death in children, they aren't even given names until they survive past 15. They are also given a particular job - Hunter, Builder or Breeder. We begin with Girl15's naming day. She has been training to be a Hunter - to go out into the tunnels looking for food and to fight the Freaks - terrifying creatures with insatiable hunger. Now named Deuce, she finds herself saddled with a partner no one else trusts, Fade. He wasn't born in the enclave, but his strength earned him a place. He has always been an outsider. Soon, they are working together, discovering the Freaks aren't mindless animals at all, and Deuce begins questionning the elders and their rules. I'm stopping the recap there - I don't want to spoil anything for you. I'll just say that I loved following Deuce as her eyes were opened to how things really are, and I was surprised more than once by what did/did not happen.I enjoyed the characters, and I look forward to learning even more about them and seeing the relationships develop in the next book. Absolutely loved Deuce - a perfectly pragmatic heroine. She made decisions, stuck by them, had regrets, but above all was a survivor. No moping. She also expects people to react according to their talent/training. I also liked how even though the rules of the Enclave were harsh, as a future Huntress she had been taught that her job was to protect those weaker and she carried that with her. I like that Deuce doesn't start out wanting romance - it goes against her focus on survival. When she starts developing feelings for Fade, it felt natural. She has pangs of jealousy, has no idea what he feels, and is totally out of her element when it comes to love, but she never lets that get in the way of their mission of survival. She isn't in the middle of a fight wondering if he feels the same way she does. The worldbuilding was fantastic and although bleak, I could readily imagine events playing out like they do in this world. Fantastic read. can't wait for the next one.