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The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross I'd give this one about 3.5 stars.It's a very fun read while you are in it. There is all kinds of crazy action, lots of descriptions of fabulous clothing and gadgets. Kind of a junior League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The thing is, you have to just go with it. If you think about the specifics too much, let logic come in, it ruins it all.It's Victorian England and girls wear pants and short skirts with no one batting an eye. Fabulous inventions appear overnight. There is not one but two love triangles (although the angst level was still kept relatively low). You have rampaging robots, a girl who's all Jekyl/Hyde, a girl genius, a couple of psychics, an American gunslinger, a man who is more metal than he'd like to be, and against them a dastardly villain.It's campy and overall was a lot of fun. There is a lot of character development that wasn't - all of a sudden you have a congruous team, but that was part of the ride. It was easy to get into and kept my attention. I'll check out the next one.