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Grimspace - Ann Aguirre I admit that my rating for this is skewed because I really needed a "get away from it all" book this weekend and Grimspace delivered.I think I am on a sci fi kick (although that sci fi must have strong female characters that kick tremendous ass), so Ann Aguirre’s sci fi series made me feel right at home.I read this book when I absolutely HAD TO HAVE a distraction. And it worked perfectly.I also was in the mood for something dark, and Sirantha Jax is so completely, exceptionally screwed up. She and March and the rest of their motley crew are beat up, broken, reaching for a dream but also so hammered by outside and inner forces they can do little but react.We spend most of the ride running – running from the ominous Corporation, bounty hunters, criminals with nefarious plans, and through it all Jax is also inwardly running from her own memories. There is lots of action and some romance, but the romance felt natural, not forced. You know nothing will be easy with these two, and really, who wants that? Lots of action. Really liked the characters the supporting characters (Dina, Saul, the tragic Loras, even Baby Z). I also think I love Vel - a strange occurrence since he just pops in at the end and although can look human is really a bug-like creature, but I do. He was awesome. Must get the next book.Here's the one caveat I'll add, because I've often heard it referred to as a "sci fi romance" - this book (and I'll hazard a guess this series) does not follow the usual Romance mold. I'd actually say it feels more like a UF with the characters, POV, action, and romance (and the romance is not central to everything like in a Romance novel).