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Heartless - Gail Carriger This one was just so much fun to read. After the drama of the previous two books (which did culminate in the action-packed Blameless, my favorite of the series so far), it was nice to have a change of pace. Sure, there are still conspiracies, death threats, and political machinations, but in this one, "the gang is finally back together." Of course, it's not all sunshine and roses, but that would be boring. All of my favorite side characters - Akeldama, Lyall & Biffy, get lots of "airtime" in this installment. Akeldama in particular is one of my favorite characters, and I missed his interactions with Alexia in books 2-3. They are one of the best examples of love between friends that I've found (the sunrise scene in Soulless, 'nuff said). We get to see more of what Akeldama is capable of. He loves having people underestimate him - so good to see what he can do when he needs to. Conspiracies, crazy ghosts, gadgets, annoying vampires, and even more annoying relatives (but thankfully those are in small doses), and of course the arrival of the newest Maccon. If you are a fan of this series, you should like this one a lot.