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Blood Rights - Kristen Painter I'm at about 3.75 stars for this one, so I rounded up.I was expecting more romance - and there is some romantic tension, but this is not a "Romance".Worldbuilding was cool. A complex society that you are thrown into. Hidden from human eyes, vampires and other supernatural creatures exist in their own societies. You have the Comarre - kind of like geishas, in that they are companions to vampires, their blood is very powerful, they are known for grace and beauty. A very secretive society, comarre also have a more deadly purpose. They are well trained in weapons that can kill vampires.Chrysabelle is on the run. Her patron is dead and she has been framed. She turns to her anthema (outcast) aunt for help. She falls in with an anathema vampire who is haunted by spirits of those he's killed (physically, Fi haunts him, and the voices of his victims torture him) and his were-leopard (called varcolai here) associate.We've got conspiracies, lots of action, magic jewelry, the devil, and the end of the world as everyone knows it. There is kind of an ending, but it is really just set up for the next book.I'll be reading it.