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Under Witch Aura - Maria E. Schneider I'm at a 4.75-5 here, so rounding up to 5 stars. First thoughts: Damn good book.I enjoyed book 1 in this series a lot. I thought that the characters were interesting, the magic rules were good, and I was really looking forward to how the characters grew in the next one.With this one, I was expecting another fun story with interesting magicical logic, and a deepening of the relationships. I did get that, but the story was also more. The whole story, characters, magic, felt more grounded (something I hope for in a book 2 but don't always get). I've been trying to pay more attention to the tiny details - often I remember the big fight scene, a funny line, or a conversation long after I've finished the book, but those small details that fill in the spaces and show you the world and characters organically, without extra "talky" exposition, those are the things that help keep me glued to my seat and reading for hours. Lots os those small gems here.I like the magic in this world. It is very logical and scientific. It reminds me of a thought I've been seeing more and more lately, that magic is just science we haven't figured out yet. Adriel's lab can concoct fantastical things, but there is a natural method to it (and you don't have to be a science major to get it). We get to see more how other witches work their magic too (for good or ill). We also get to meet members of Adriel and White Feather's families. Lynx is here again, and he is growing too - one of my favorite sidekicks.The action was good, fast-paced, and the romance heated up too, although it's not the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am variety - this romance has built from book 1. There are some dark points and violence, and no shortage of the creepy crawlies, but there was balance to it. The main problem is solved, and there are no cliffhangers, but there is definitely more room to explore in this world.[I received a copy to review.]