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Feed - Mira Grant I'm still mulling this over in my brain. Here's a rough review, but I'm still tweaking it.It's a zombie book, but it's not really about zombies. Action takes place after a whole generation has grown up in a world with zombies. It raises a whole lot of questions on what you would give up to be "safe" (or at least have the illusion of safety). Also deals with the rise of internet news/bloggers, who people go to for information they trust (still a very timely issue).First thought when I finished the book, "Damn."And I thought it had a satisfying ending (note, "satisfying" for me doesn't always mean sunshine, rainbows & puppies). But I got teary in a couple of spots. There is quite a bit of foreshadowing for some parts, but I was shocked at others.It took me awhile to read this one. First because I own it, so I didn't have to worry about getting it back to the library, and then because of some pretty serious things going on for me personally (there were a few books that I just thought I shouldn't be reading at the time, that I would enjoy them better if I gave myself a break).It does start a bit slow, but when it gets moving, it MOVES. I liked the characters - they felt very real. All of the decisions they made, I could understand given who they were.Will be reading the next one.