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Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder I really liked the Study series. The Glassblowers is a bit meh for me (I read the first one, got stuck in the begininning of the 2nd). This one came closer to recapturing the elements of Study that I liked so much, although with a different story/world/characters.Avry is a Healer on the run. After a deadly plague swept through the kingdom, healers were rounded up and killed. After she makes the choice to heal a sick, dying child, she is turned in. Right before her execution, a group of what she thinks are mercenaries breaks her out. Turns out that they want her to heal a Very Important Person, but it's a person Avry despises. Lots of captures, escapes, traveling, arguing, political factions, old enemies, new enemies, betrayals, and even some romance. I liked the characters. Avry made sense to me as a character. I might not agree with all of her decisions, but they were true to character throughout. I loved that she refused to give up her right to choose how she used her power. Kerrick is very similar to the male leads in the Study and Glass series. Strong, guarded, secretive. These relationships always seem to start out so violently argumentative and bullying, but at the same time, given the situation, it made sense. In other hands I might have banged my head on the wall with the WTF-ery, but Snyder makes it work. That said, there were plenty of times I said to myself that Kerrick was an ass. Luckily Avry said it too, most of the time. The other companions were very good, especially Belen. The villain was horrific. I wonder where all of this is going to go (with Snyder, I'm never completely sure).The world was a new one, but still very well done. Study and Glass were set in the same world, but this one is new. There is definitely this apocalyptic, dare I say dystopian sense with the political chaos and dictatorship that sprung from the mass plague outbreak. But it is still also a fantasy, with magic and a unique world.I do wish there wasn't so much bouncing from capture to capture (that seems to be a too common occurrence for me in Snyder's books), but at least this time, with some of Avry's choices (choices that she knew would lead to capture), it made sense, so it didn't bug me overmuch.I will be reading the next one.