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Shotgun Gravy - Chuck Wendig Atlanta Burns, the main character in Shotgun Gravy, is dealing with some serious, violent bullies. There is an undercurrent of hate through her town that is having monstrous results. The characters are teens, but is this a YA? I'm vacillating. And this doesn't mean I don't think teens should read it - I read adult books when I was a teen, so that's neither here nor there. It's just would I group this with YA or not? I think I'm leaning towards not, however, it does deal with a real issues that teens face: bullying. Let's face it, bullying isn't confined to high school. How many of us have encountered the bully who's still at it, this time in the corporate jungle versus the jungle gym.Of course this story deals with bullying in a holy crap kind of way. Atlanta has just returned to school after a stint at a special school/psych hospital due to events concerning her, a shotgun, and her stepfather. Her mother lives in the garage and seems afraid to say anything to her. Right away, she sees a boy being bullied and steps in. Atlanta has a strong sense of justice. She doesn't really trust that anyone with authority will fix the problem. I'm not saying more about it becuase events unfold, secrets are outed, and I don't want to tell you the story. There were many times I was very scared for the characters. I really didn't know where this would go, how far, who would be left. The story's also not over. There is lots of swearing, violence, but this story does draw you in. I'll read the next one. Actually, after the teaser at the end of Gravy, I HAVE to read the next one.