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The Liminal People - Ayize Jama-Everett Still thinking about this one...3.5/3.75 starsSome notes: you have a group of people with superpowers, healing, telepathy, firestarting, illusions, etc. This book isn't a feel good "the superheroes are coming to save the world" book.The MC, Taggert, is a member of a gang lead by a mysterious person with his own powers. They deal in drugs, but that is more of a cover for finding other people, usually kids, with special abilities. A lot of people can't handle it - they go crazy with power, and Taggert and his boss don't want the world at large finding out about them. He follows orders - mostly, and is loyal to his boss, but also lives in fear of him.Then a lost love from Tag's past calls him to help find her daughter, and he gets involved in something that changes everything about his life.First off, this isn't a romance. It's dark, there is a lot of violence, and lots of death.Taggert is a healer - his body heals itself automatically and he can heal others. However, I like how this book paints the other side of being a healer. How a healer could be a deadly weapon. The person who can control your body to heal a broken bone or dissolve a tumor could also give you a stroke or break every bone in your body. There's a balance to it, and it's interesting to see a character inching along on the knifepoint between hero and villain. Lots of grey here.It's fast paced and fairly short. It definitely kept my attention. The main issue is solved, but the end is not wrapped up in a neat bow. There is room for more. I'll read it, but it is one where I will not be anticipating a HEA.