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The Book of Blood and Shadow - Robin Wasserman Kind of like a Da Vinci code with teens, except that it deals with alchemy, old letters written in Latin, and high school/college students versus religious conspiracies and famous artwork. It starts with Nora, a high school senior who is a research assistant translating old letters written in Latin. It seems like a boring assignment, with the only upside being the relationship she starts with fellow researcher Max. Soon, though, she stumbles into a centuries old conspiracy, her best friend is murdered, her boyfriend is the likely suspect, and there is much shadowy goings on. Throw in two warring secret societies with long reaches, betrayals, and teens on the run in Prague and you have a very intriguing action-packed read.I'm stopping here with any plot details. To go over too much would just take the fun out of the ride.This book really drew me in. Easy to read and fast paced. You need to suspend some disbelief (OK maybe a lot), but I had fun with it. I think this is a great summer read.[I won an ARC from a blog contest.]