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Keeper Of The Heart - Johanna Lindsey If this is the book I think it is, then this was my my first exposure to a douchebag hero. I remember reading as a teen and getting to the part where the "hero" spanks the "heroine" as a punishment enough to injure her, then just puts her in a healing device because so long as she's better now, its all ok.O.oI don't care that later on she is turned on by it. The fact is it all started non-consensually and that is an immediate turn off.Edit: This isn't an anti-BDSM sentiment. If the heroine had been on board from the get-go with the bedroom plans, then I wouldn't have had an issue. It was the use of it as a punishment (and then when her mom agreed with the "punishment" - argh - it's been years but that whole part pissed me off).