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The Daykeeper's Grimoire - Christy Raedeke I'm not including stars because I didn't finish the book. I actually only got a few chapters in before I had to step away from it. I've included my thought process on why I couldn't finish it - mostly for myself, since I had forgotten for a bit why I hadn't finished it.I have a rather large capacity for suspending disbelief. That said, this one stretched mine almost from the start. We start with a teenage girl with her computer whiz dad and safecracker mom living in a castle in Scotland that her folks want to turn into a B&B. And she's unhappy about the move, lots of moping. OK, I can work with this. Then we are introduced to Mr. Papers, her pet monkey who communicates by origami. Here things are stretching pretty thin, but what the hey - Koko the gorilla uses sign language, I figure I'll see where this goes. The girl and her monkey find a hidden room with weird writing on the walls. She sends the writing to her friend (whose grandfather is a university professor or something like that) and gives it to her folks to try to crack the code. Since she doesn't want anyone to know about her hidden room, she tells her friend that she found it, and her folks that she made it up. OK - I can work with this. She meets cute Scottish boy who gives her a reason to stay in Scotland and stop moping, just about the time her parents think she is a genius for coming up with the code, threatening boarding school (so she can be challenged), and the professor is all excited that she found a new language. Terrified that she will have to share her hidey hole (I guess, because no other reason is given), she tries to put everyone off, destroys her father's computer so it can't crack the code (Yes - I said DESTROYS), and meanwhile tries to get gussied up to catch the attention of the cute boy. And I was done, and strangely enough, I hadn't even really made a dent in the book. I have seen few characters more self-centered than this, and also completely illogical.