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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Still processing....but here's a couple of notes:I think I liked this one better than book 1. Katniss-Gale-Peeta is an almost infamous triangle now, but this one actually makes sense and Katniss' indecision makes sense too. I thought it might be annoying, but it wasn't. At least not in this book.I have to say that of all the people who are getting hurt, tortured, maimed, killed, the one that got me most was not anyone in the arena. Cinna!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! I think I loved him most of all.By the end of the book, though, I had one issue that I have a feeling will really tick me off in book 3 - I wish this one wasn't in 1st person. Usually I go with it, whatever POV fits the story works for me. While 1st worked for me in book 1, it did not work so well for me here. As it seems Katniss is going to be kept in the dark (and probably this will continue in book 3), and just being told after the fact what was really going on, I think the POV is going to really piss me off in Mockingjay.