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A Cursed Embrace - Cecy Robson First thought after finishing: "Holy shit!" So much happens in this book that I can't talk to you about. But I will be here for you after if you need to share.The story starts with a dead wereraccoon, Taran's prophetic nightmares, lots of killings, demons, and of course action. The fight scenes were intense and very well done. There were a couple of scenes that gave me trippy-assed dreams/nightmares. Two words: demon babies. And they ain't cute and cuddly. The danger level has gotten higher since book 1. There is a lot that comes together in the beginning, but then the story smoothed out for me. This series also has a lot of romance, not just with Celia, but her 3 sisters as well. I would caution that although it is a UF with romance, it is not a Romance. I liked how the usual mate tropes were mucked around with and twisted. You get a better feel for the sisters, especially Taran (I really loved her in this book). The males in the book, let's just say I wanted to drop-kick a few. I feel for Celia, but she is still so very insecure when it comes to relationships. I did like her decision in the end. I wish we could talk about it. Maybe after the book is out.I will be reading book 3.[received a review copy]