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Meridian Six - Jaye Wells A dark, gritty UF novella with no romance. I did ask Wells if there would be more, and there will be. She does have lots of projects she is working on, but eventually we will get further stories in this world. This makes me happy.Not that Meridian's world is full of sunshine and rainbows. Nope. This place is hell on earth. Vampires rule, humans are food, and it all sucks (every pun intended).In this world, the Troika, vampires, have taken over. They did it slowly, using the humans fear to cement their hold. Humans are now in work camps, if their blood type isn't desirable, or little more than blood slaves.The setup felt very believable. It's not unthinkable that a group could turn fear into a mobilizing force, stripping away freedoms before anyone realizes what is happening.Meridian Six is the daughter of a famous human resistance fighter. Since her mother's death she has been a vamp PR guy's dream, paraded about before the conquered humans. She also has a very desirable blood type.However, when we start our story, Meridian is running, trying to reach sanctuary. She assaulted the head of the Troika and his goons are after her. With no plan and no friends, Meridian isn't thinking much past the next second. Soon she finds herself with the Resistance, people who have little reason to trust her. Of course, Meridian has information that will change their fight.There is a lot of darkness here. While it might look like Meridian has had a privileged life, she has more scars than anyone could count. What finally sent her over the edge was heartbreaking. She has also been used her whole life, and now, when she is free of the Troika, she is being used by the Resistance. Meridian is a complex character and since this is a novella, we only get a tiny snapshot of who she is. It was enough to make me want more.Of course, Rabbit is my fav supporting character. A kid who has had to grow up too fast. My heart stopped a few times with that little guy.I'm not quite sure what to expect with the next installment. There is a ton of danger in this world and things are tense. I will be reading it, though. Maybe with a blankie.