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Clementine - Cherie Priest I really enjoy this series. It's a modern, steampunk dime novel with courageous heroes and heroines on the wrong side of the law who get the job done come hell or high water.It's not YA. There isn't a teenaged MC in this one, so if you were hoping for that, be forewarned. It's also not set in Seattle, but picks up shortly after Boneshaker with new MCs. I would still say that this would be fine for teen readers. There is some violence, no sex or romance.Crog Hainey was a minor character in Boneshaker, but here shares the spotlight with Belle Boyd. They are opposites - he is an escaped slave, one of the Macon Madmen, who stole a Rebel airship and runs guns, drugs, and performs the occasional bank robbery. Boyd is a Southern Belle, Rebel spy, actress, and newest employee of the Pinkertons.The War Between the States is still raging, with no end in sight. Hainey's ship, the Free Crow, has been stolen and he is chasing it. Boyd's first job with the Pinkerton's is to make sure the Crow (now called the Clementine) makes its destination, which means she must dispatch Hainey. Throw in a weapon of mass destruction, old loyalties, and an unexpected partnership and you have the very fun ride that is Clementine.This was a pretty quick read, but gets us across more of the landscape of The Clockwork Century world. Looking forward to what we'll get to see in book 3.Updated to add a link to the FAQ page for The CLockwork Century. It explains why Clementine is so different from Boneshaker (limited release, a lot shorter). Just FYI. http://theclockworkcentury.com/?page_id=94