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Moon Over Soho

Moon Over Soho - Ben Aaronovitch The last line: so so awesome. Makes me want to read book 3 right now.I just wrote this over at The Book Smuggler's discussion of the Peter Grant series, and it pretty much sums up my feelings on the book so:I went through much of Moon Over Soho thinking, “Peter is an idiot.” And he is. He has a LOT to learn. His mentor has been operating under the delusion that magic is waning. This is their wake-up call.I also spent the book thinking, “Peter needs Leslie.” He absolutely can’t do this by himself. He has a Dumbledore, but no Ron & Hermione. The last lines of the book made me want to read book 3.I like that he has a lot of learning to do. He is so far from perfect, but I did feel some progression, defintely enough that I want to continue reading. I still have to get to book 3.I also love the many PoC characters. There is a short passage that I read just as all of the SFWA mess hit twitter that did resonate:“‘Just to satisfy my curiosity, you understand,’ said Nightingale, ‘given that the only people ever likely to hear us say the words black magician are you, me, and Dr. Walid, why is changing them so important?’‘Because I don’t think the old world’s coming back anytime soon,’ I said. ‘In fact, I think the new world might be arriving.’” – Moon Over Soho, Ben Aaronovitch