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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1)

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1) - It took me 2 attempts (stretched over a few months) to get into this book. However, once I got to around the 30 page mark (and def by the end of the first chapter) I was in for the ride.There is a LOT of action in this one, and I thought it was really well done.Set in a future where our present society is gone and our descendants survive by scavenging through the remains of our achievements. The powerful rule, most people try to keep to themselves. Trust is something that is hard earned. There are very few who can read, let alone know what a book is. Superstition and folk magic govern life. It reminded me a bit of a History Channel doc I saw on the Dark Ages, how after the fall of Rome society regressed, living near or scavenging from the architectural and engineering masterpieces of the Romans without having the know how to recreate them or maintain them.Saba lives with her twin brother, Lugh, her father (broken by the death of his wife and the future he sees written in the stars), and her younger sister, Emmi. Of all her family, she is closest to and depends on Lugh - they were 9 when their mother died, and they had to pick up the slack. Then one day robed men come and take Lugh away. What follows is some traveling (but it goes quickly - it didn't feel like a "traveling fantasy"), betrayals, new allies and enemies, and lots of fighting as Saba searches for her brother. Saba is not an easy character to like, but I could understand why she was that way. There is some romance, but I didn't feel it was overplayed. There are few extra characters that you get to know well, but that is mostly becuase this is a 1st person POV and Saba is very guarded.Now to the caveat: this book is written in a very unconventional style. There are no quotation marks. Anywhere. The speech is not "proper English", but since it's first person (and note again, how far society has de-evolved), that makes sense. It is consistent throughout the book. The lack of quotations bothered me more than the grammar. There were quite a few times that I wondered if something was said or not. This is why it took me 2 tries to get into the book.This is a book where you need to download the sample, check out the "Look Inside" feature, or read through the first pages at the bookstore to be sure you can get past the style. If you can, and you like action-packed Dystopian YA, then you will probably really enjoy this one. If not, then you should know that before you throw down your money on it.