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Uninvited - Amanda Marrone This one is between 2 and 3 stars for me. It's a bit of a tough one. On the one hand, the parents are horrific - they are even more absent and self-absorbed than you usually find in these books (for how else can their child be numbing themselves with drugs, alcohol and random sex with near strangers without some kind of intervention). The main character has a lot of problems (see previous sentence), but also a dead ex-boyfriend who has become a vampire and stalks her every night. It was hard to read about and to root for a teenage character that was so self-destructive. I felt sorry for her, and you saw moments where she was thinking of her friends, but those were few, although I can imagine that being stalked by your vampire ex-boyfriend would make you fairly self-absorbed.I have to say that I did like that the vampire was not a nice, sparkly one. I also like that the nice guy isn't given the shaft. It's unique in teen romance, where the nice boy is usually relegated to just being the friend, the one who is a constant source of support, while the bad boy gets the girl.