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Summers at Castle Auburn

Summers at Castle Auburn - I was in the mood for a fairytale, so I was pleased to get Summers at Castle Auburn. I would consider it YA fantasy, as there is some magic and fey-like creatures, but that is hardly the core of the story. It's a coming of age story, starting with the infatuation of a young girl, and ending with a young woman clearly making choices for herself. There isn't a race to the finish, the pacing is a bit slower, but the story still flowed well and kept my attention throughout. The main character was believable, and progressed well, and it doesn't take forever for the heroine to figure out that her idols are tarnished (another chapter of her infatuation would have killed it). I also liked the supporting cast. The relationship between the sisters was lovely. I wasn't surprised by much, but then, I didn't expect to be. I wanted a fairytale and got what I paid for.