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Thief Eyes

Thief Eyes - Janni Lee Simner I really enjoyed this book. The characters felt very real, and it was easy for me to get into the book. I also liked how the Icelandic/Norse mytholgy was incorporated - it made sense, didn't feel forced, and the conclusion wasn't a copout either. The mythology was a nice change from other YA fantasy books (no vampires or faeries in this one). The description on the book talks about passion between the characters, and one of the criticisms I read is that the reader didn't feel any great passion between Ari and Haley. I have to say I agree with that, but I am very glad for it. They are only 16! I got that they were attracted to each other, and Haley was conflicted, but I'm quite thankful that no one was throwing out "soulmate" and the characters weren't professing their undying love for each other. Their level of romantic involvement seemed about right for their age. I would definitely recommend this book, especially to readers burned out by some of the more common supernatural motifs.