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City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts - Stacia Kane Chess wins as the most messed-up heroine I have enjoyed reading. Usually, when a character screws up this badly, I can't read it, but Kane does a great job of making me care about her. Although I know that there are more books to come in this series, I think the first three really work together as a trilogy.In book 1, Chess starts out both starting to allow herself to care for someone other than herself, and at the same time, continuing her downward spiral of drugs and lies.In book 2, Chess's betrayals start coming to light, and she realizes how much more she really had to lose.And in this 3rd book, Chess tries to atone, all the while trying to score her next hit and keep the Lamaru from destroying the Church. I admit I'm happier when Chess is fighting the Lamaru; it's a bit easier to have a "big bad" to root against. Also, Chess isn't the best investigator - sure, she can figure out if someone has a real ghost problem, but she doesn't play well with others, nor is she always good at figuring things out.It was also interesting in her views on the Church - the world is a very regimented theocracy, one that would not be forgiving of her past sins, yet she still fights for it. It adds more layers to the character.I was very happy with this book, glad that nothing comes easy for Chess, and will read the next one, although this one does end in a way that completes the cycle. I'm wondering where Kane will go next.