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Double Cross (Disillusionists Series #2)

Double Cross - Carolyn Crane Liked this one better than book 1. I still dislike many things about Justine, but was happy that other characters called her on her issues, and there was more action. One of those "grey area" books where the characters are into some very shady business. The whole idea of disillusionment and the "high cap" powers was really interesting - I liked the world building and the side characters. A cliffhanger ending, so if you dislike those, then maybe wait to read this one until its closer to book 3's release.I have to say that I really am hoping for some kind of realization from the MC that she is no better than Sophia, who steals memories, or Packard who sent out Disillusionists to mess with other people's psyches. And Otto would take too much time to write about. I get it - the idea of "I have to do this or I will go insane", but I think the book would have been stronger if she had to actually accept what she was doing. That she was forced to really looked at herself. Hoping that will be in book 3, that there will be some kind of cathartic moment, some kind of atonement. Otherwise, I can't see myself rooting for a happily-ever-after.