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Generation V

Generation V - M.L. Brennan First posted over at Stellar Four: http://www.stellarfour.com/2013/09/books-read-new-series-found.html4.5 starsFort is a vampire, but he is still a very young one, so he doesn't have the super strength or healing abilities of a fully transitioned vampire. He is trying desperately to remain human, much to the disgust of his older (and I mean OLDER brother and sister). Then he meets a visiting vampire who makes his psychotic sister look like Mother Theresa, and soon Fort is faced with putting his life on the line to stop him. Throw in a kitsune bodyguard who loves messing with him and soon the normally peaceful Fort is up to his ears in asskicking, even if his is the only ass getting kicked.First of all, my thought through many parts was, "This is effed up." And it is, wonderfully, magnificently effed up. Horrible things happen, the whole way vampires are created in this world is nightmare fuel, and we have a MC who realizes how messed up his world is but feels powerless. Fort is a loser when we meet him. He abhors violence but sees all confrontation as a negative which means he is a doormat. I loved watching him grow.Also, there is a nod to the very dark side of the devoted vampire lover that I felt was a very good touch.I will be reading the next book, Iron Knight, out in January 2014.