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A Brush of Darkness

A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair, Book 1) - Allison Pang I'll give it a 3.5.This one was more of a romancy-UF, although in the end was more UF than romance.I liked the main character. She was a bit clueless, but then she hadn't been exposed to the world of faeries, angels and demons for long, so it was understandable. That part felt pretty realistic - of course she's going to stumble when she's been almost purposefully kept in the dark.There was a lot of interesting worldbuilding going on, but I felt like it needed to be fleshed out more. Lots of rules in this one and some things didn't quite click.Some things bordered on the silly side - pervy miniature unicorn, for example, but it wasn't overdone.I'll check out the next one.