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Mind Games (Disillusionists Series #1)

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane Now that I've re-read - I need to redo the review...(coming soon)This one is a tough one for me. I love the world building, the power/magic, the idea of disillusionment, the very squicky grey areas the characters are living in, the other members of the disillusionists (Simon & Shelby in particular). I started off feeling very sympathetic to Justine's life - who would want to live that way, always afraid that you are dying. But after awhile, Justine really started annoying me. Lots and lots of bad decisions, but the constant righteous indignation put me over the edge. I'm hoping that she evolves as a character and actually learns from her mistakes. If this had been one of the first UF books I read, then I would have fallen in love with the world-building and forgiven or overlooked the character deficiencies, and it would probably be a 4 star book for me. But I've read too many characters who are just as flawed, but who manage to make me care about them and root for them to persevere, and that was missing for me with Justine.Updated: I've been thinking about this book a lot - mostly as I've been musing over how my thoughts on characters have changed over the past couple of years. I think I would rate this one higher now. Justine still pisses me the hell off, but Crane managed to get a visceral reaction and I still wanted to read the next book. That's some good stuff.