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Killing Rocks (Bloodhound Files Series #3)

Killing Rocks - D.D. Barant I did not like this book, and I really enjoyed the first two in the series (recommended them to friends even), but I just could not get into this one.My favorite parts about the previous books involved her new friends, but they were largely absent in this one. There seemed to be a lot of padding (I admit to skimming through a lot), and too many long story-telling sessions. That might work in other books, it didn't work for me here.The whole story just felt like a big mish-mash and had lost the fun I found earlier in the series.I had also always suspected that there was another, more plausible reason for Jace being chosen to come to this dimension. And we're given the "real reason" here, and I found it to be a big disappointment.